Update to Microsoft Teams PowerShell Module (v 0.9.5)

Microsoft have recently released a much-needed updated version of the Microsoft Teams PowerShell module. The updated module brings a lot of much needed functionality that previously would have required workaround to programmatically access the Teams config. While the module is not quite there yet, it’s good to have these improvements available.

To install the module, first remove the old version by launching an administrative PowerShell window and using the command “Uninstall-Module MicrosoftTeams”.

Next, download the updated module by running “Install-Module MicrosoftTeams”

Let’s look at the command in the module, the list of commands is pretty similar to before however we can see the version number is now 0.9.5.


Using Connect-MicrosoftTeams to connect to the service, we can test out the new functionality of the “Get-Team” cmdlet.


Now we see the major change. The “Get-Team” cmdlet now lists ALL teams in the organization rather than just the teams we are a member of! From a pure reporting point of view this is an amazing improvement. Now I can retire all my workaround scripts using different methods of determining Teams vs groups etc. We can easily stay in the Teams module to look up a team and enumerate the members.

As I mentioned above, the module is not as fleshed out as I’d like it to be just yet but seeing these improvements regularly will have it there in no time.

Microsoft Teams Meeting Settings

This week Microsoft are rolling out the Meeting Settings configuration to the Microsoft Teams & Skype for business Admin Center in Office 365! This configuration page will allow admins to define teams meeting settings such as Email Invitation URLs and Network and QoS configuration. This allows us to very easily mark real-time media traffic packets for QoS natively, rather than utilizing TCP port and network configuration. We can also define the Port ranges which will be used for different types of traffic.

View the Microsoft Teams & Skype for business Admin Center  at https://admin.teams.microsoft.com

Teams Meeting Options.png